A new beginning

This site has gone through many changes over the years.

At first it was a repository for information for a game. Then it was going to become a place for theorycrafting for the World of Warcraft. Now, well it’s a general location for posts comments etc.

The internet is a powerful place. The more people add their thoughts and views to it, the better it becomes. It allows views and ideas to spread to places they would have never reached before. The more the world communicates, the closer it becomes. The closer we get to a day and age where we can eliminate some of the issues that divide us, and allow mankind to grow to the next stage of it’s development.

I’ll talk about so many different things here there isn’t much of a point in declaring a specific topic.

This place will be in continual development, even it’s name may change as I come closer and closer to the idea I had one day during work.