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Just some ramblings

Well you may have noticed the new page listed above titled Visitors. I came across a plugin which takes your IP and assigns it to an address based on a public lookup list. I thought it would provide an interesting view as to where people are reading this blog from.

Things have calmed down more at work, in fact I get to raid tonight.

Every now and then something comes up that is important and you have to step aside from your routine and get it done. Last night was one of those nights. If I wanted to make the business happy, I’d have to work and not play wow. Normally this should be a no-brainer decision. However I don’t like letting people down, Wednesday nights are one of my raid nights. I informed the raid leader, let some other people know and tried to find a replacement. Then removed myself from my playtime PC, because otherwise I would have been constantly asking for updates.

Today at work, I felt like the extra time I put in accomplished something, that it was appreciated and therefor was worth it. Warcraft is fun, I’ve made many friends there, but every now and then I need to remind myself that work comes first, then comes fun.

Side note: Even with starting a little late, and some people in new roles they still almost cleared Naxx-10 in a single night. Good work guys!

Tonight we tackle the dreaded Lag Beast. Reports as to the effectiveness of the patch (3.0.8) varies. Beware 25-man Naxx we’re coming to rip you apart.


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The key, there, has to be the feeling like you accomplished something and your effort was appreciated. That makes all the difference in the world.

Currently, I’m in the office closing folders (3) and here to film people’s statements to a retiring coworker. I wont’ be appreciated for another hour–that’s when I go run group.

Now then, are you going to post some RP about your Mains on this blog or what?


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