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Why am I a healer?

So one day, I was asked by this guy, “Why do you like healing?”

My initial response, “I like healing because, that’s it just because.” After thinking about it more, I was able to give an actual real answer.

I mean I always liked healing. In the World of Warcraft when you get down to it DPS basically is a fixed rotation of spells or effects.  It’s decent, but a slip up and I’ve lost 200 dps, a lag spike and I’ve sat there doing nothing.

As a healer there is instant reward to your actions. You know right away that you had an impact the green bar fills up the person isn’t dead. The Damage Dealer won’t know their true impact on the fight till long after the fight is done and someone has measured the logs. If the boss died, did it die quick enough? Does it need to die quicker?

How do you measure the success of a healer in wow?
1.) People don’t die
2.) Healer isn’t mana starved

How do you measure the success of a damage dealer?
1.) Boss dies
2.) You don’t have mana left over
3.) Your dps has to clime steadily as you get new gear

There is another thing I like about being a healer

As long as I’m doing #1 and #2 I can also do #3 from the damage dealers list.  Doing damage as a healer impacts your mana so that adds in a level of difficulty that I have full control over.  Not the random chance of any number of things  affecting my total DPS as a Damage Dealer.

With the recent addition of yet another Damage Dealer class to Warcraft, there are even less healers to go around.

Be kind those remaining few who walk this path, for without them, we’d all be dead.

So for those of you who play, why do you, do what you do, in Warcraft?



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